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Contact Info

Ben G. Fitzpatrick
Ben G. Fitzpatrick
LMU Department of Mathematics
2726 University Hall
1 LMU Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90045 USA 

I work in the Mathematics Department at Loyola Marymount University, where I serve as the Clarence J. Wallen, S.J., Chair of Mathematics. I learned about OpenWetWare from Dr. Kam Dahlquist of LMU, and I've joined to participate in Dahlquist's Lab wiki and to co-manage our course, Biomathematical Modeling (Math 388/Biol 398).

Current Schedule

  • TR, 0925 - 1040. Math 388, Biomathematical Modeling, Seaver 120.
  • TR, 1100 - 1200. Office Hours, UH 2753.
  • TR, 1335 - 1450. Math 282, UH 2725.
  • R, 1215 - 1300. Math 499, UH 2327.
  • W, 1400 - 1500. Math 499, UH 2327.
  • Office hours also by appointment.


  • 1988, PhD, Brown University, Division of Applied Mathematics
  • 1986, ScM, Brown University, Division of Applied Mathematics
  • 1983, MPS (Master of Probability and Statistics), Auburn University
  • 1981, BS, Auburn University, Department of Mathematics

Research interests

  1. Mathematical Modeling in Biology and Ecology. I am especially interested in deterministic and stochastic approaches to modeling the dynamics of living systems. Current projects include transcriptional networks controlling environmental stress in Saccharomyces cerevisiae and energy budgets and reproductive success for Argiope trifasciata. More theoretical work is on-going in rate distribution models for understanding diversity and survival-of-the-fittest in populations.
  2. Statistical Analysis of Biological Systems under Stress. I am working with LMU biologists on various problems of detecting the response of bacteria, plants, and animals to environmental stresses, particularly heavy metal contaminants, in the Ballona Wetlands of Los Angeles.


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