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I'm Austen a writer/scientist/engineer. After getting in trouble for being a vagrant in America, I built a raft and drifted out to sea. Eventually I reached shore in Korea where I built a small hut. One day while collecting scallops on the beach I met Sunghoon Kwon who eventually let me become a graduate student in the Biophotonics Nano Engineering Laboratory in the Department of Electrical Engineering at Seoul National University.

Since joining BiNEL my interest has been in building products for biologist through the integration of advanced electronic devices with microfluidics technology. I post my current activities at

This is my face....this is my lab....


"Optofluidic Maskless in-situ Fabrication of a Nanoporous Charge Selective Hydrogel for High Yield DNA Preconcentration" Submitted. Hyoki Kim, Junhoi Kim, Eun-Geun Kim, Austen James Heinz, Honggu Chun,, Sunghoon Kwon

"Polymer Based Chemical Delivery to Multichannel Capillary Patterned Cells" Submitted. Sung Hoon Lee, Austen James Heinz, Sung-Eun Choi, Wook Park, and Sunghoon Kwon

"Free-floating amphiphilic femtoliter droplet carriers for multiplexed liquid loading in a microfluidic channel" Submitted. Wook Park, Sangkwon Han, Hosuk Lee, Austen James Heinz and Sunghoon Kwon

"Active Guidance of 3D Microstructures" Accepted Small. Sung Hoon Lee, Sung-Eun Choi, Austen James Heinz, Wook Park, Sangkwon Han, Yoonseok Jung, and Sunghoon Kwon

"Capillary based patterning of cellular communities in laterally open channels" Sung Hoon Lee, Austen James Heinz, Sunghwan Shin, Yong-Gyun Jung, Sung-Eun Choi, Wook Park, Jung-Hye Roe and Sunghoon Kwon, [Analytical Chemistry]