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(Conference schedule, Spring 2010)
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==Atissa Banuazizi==
==Atissa Banuazizi==
Oral presentation instructor for [[20.109(S10)|20.109]].
Oral presentation instructor for [[20.109(F10)|20.109]].
Lecturer in the [http://web.mit.edu/wac Writing Across the Curriculum] program at [http://web.mit.edu MIT].  
Lecturer in the [http://web.mit.edu/wac Writing Across the Curriculum] program at [http://web.mit.edu MIT].  

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Atissa Banuazizi

Oral presentation instructor for 20.109. Lecturer in the Writing Across the Curriculum program at MIT.

Contact information:

Email: atissa@mit.edu

Office: 12-111


All materials listed here are available as PDFs.

Other resources

Conference schedule, Spring 2010

Tuesday 3/9

  • 1pm Efrain Cermeno
  • 2pm Joseph Martinez
  • 3pm Jing Jing Gong
  • 4pm Ginger Yang

Wednesday 3/10

  • 1pm Leanna Morinishi
  • 2pm Bina Choi
  • 3pm Pei Lin
  • 4pm Brigitte Morales

Tuesday 3/16

  • 9am Priya Ramaswamy
  • 2pm Ragheb El Khaja
  • 3pm Nick Swenson
  • 4pm Raven Reddy

Wednesday 3/17

  • 10am Anne Ye
  • 11am Kirsten Aarsvold
  • 12pm Steven Pennybaker

Tuesday 3/30

  • 2pm Ragheb El Khaja
  • 4pm Megan Roytman

Wednesday 3/31

  • 11am Alicia Kaestli
  • 12pm Zeina Siam
  • 2pm Yuan Zhao
  • 4pm Patricio Velez

Thursday 4/1

  • 10am Jenny Zhou
  • 12pm Colin Reiterer
  • 2pm Tina Stutzman
  • 4pm Stephanie Senna

Friday 4/2

  • 12pm Ariana Chehrazi
  • 1pm Afrah Shafquat
  • 3pm Jacqueline Soegaard
  • 4pm Anna Shcherbina