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==Shared Journals==
==Shared Journals==
*[[BIOL398-03/S13:Class Journal Week 1 | Class Journal Week 1]]
*[[BIOL398-03/S13:Class_Journal_Week_2| Class Journal Week 2]]
*[[BIOL398-03/S13:Class_Journal_Week_3| Class Journal Week 3]]
*[[BIOL398-03/S13:Class_Journal_Week_4| Class Journal Week 4]]

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Survey of Biomathematics



Ashley Rhoades


  • Major: Biomathematics(Individualized Studies)
  • Expected graduation: May 2014
  • Upper division courses: Introduction to Probability and Statistics, Survey of Biomathematics, Microbiology, Molecular Mechanisms of Disease, Advanced Probability and Statistics, Public Health
  • My future career goal is to obtain a Masters in Public Health
  • My favorite aspect of biology is the ability of life to adapt and work together.
  • My favorite aspect of math is that it can be found everywhere and it's another way of understanding the world.
  • I have no concerns about the course at this point.
  • There is nothing I want the instructors to know.

1 LMU drive MS B-7927 Los Angeles, CA 90045


Individual Weekly Journals

  1. Ashley Rhoades Week 2
  2. Ashley Rhoades Week 3
  3. Ashley Rhoades Week 4

Shared Journals


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