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Anja Raschke (an artistic interpretation)


Research interests

Currently, my work is focused on one project. we have revealed extensive natural variation for auxin responses in the root in world-wide arabidopsis ecotype collections (delker et al., planta 2008) and could recently determine the first quantitative trait loci (QTLs) involved in the inheritance of this genetic variation (as well as QTLs for responses to other phytohormones). the question that arises is which genes are underlying the QTLs and what are the allelic variants responsible for the variation? to address these questions we are fine-mapping the target intervals and make use of the vast genetic resources of arabidopsis thaliana to come up with a reasonable number of candidate genes that can be tested for their ability to functionally complement the differences in auxin response. we have observed that ecotypes with a high degree of auxin insensitivity in the root do not necessarily display the same insensitivity in other organs like the hypocotyl. hence, it is likely that the various factors responsible for this variation are downstream components and we are therefore also interested in transcriptional differences in response to auxin between ecotypes.

From an evolutionary perspective it will be important to learn about the differences in auxin responses on the physiological and the transcriptional level between species. Comparison of inter-species with intra-species variation may shed new light on the evolutionary development of the auxin response pathway(s). We are using closely related brassicaceae species such as thlaspi arvense in this picture for this type of analysis which - in addition to the evolutionary perspective - is most interesting for possible future knowledge transfer to agronomically important species from that family. ‎


  1. Delker C, Raschke A, and Quint M. Auxin dynamics: the dazzling complexity of a small molecule's message. Planta. 2008 Apr;227(5):929-41. DOI:10.1007/s00425-008-0710-8 | PubMed ID:18299888 | HubMed [review]

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