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To do

The experiments will look at assays with varying amounts of betain in solution as well as the time course evolution of microtubule speeds.

  • 500 mM betaine
  • 2000 mM betaine
  • 4000 mM betaine

Once finished with betaine, I will want to move on to sarcosine. Sarcosine is only soluble in water to 1 M. So I guess I will try the following concentrations.

  • 1000 mM sarcosine
  • 500 mM sarcosine

If there are dramatic affects going on, then I will consider trying smaller concentrations. Of course, I will start with the 1000 mM solution.

D-proline is the final chemical I want to look at. It appears that this is soluble up to 8 M. This means I can do the following concentrations.

  • 8000 mM
  • 4000 mM
  • 500 mM

If something interesting happens, then I will fill in the blanks when it comes to concentrations.

Really need to do

For all these solutions I need to measure the viscosity. I am trying to probe the osmotic stress affects on kinesin and microtubules and I need to know how these chemicals change the viscosity of my assays in the hopes to rule out viscous affects over osmotic affects.