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  • epistemological
  • sophic
  • conflation
  • he's describing science as
    • sophic
    • theoretical
    • observational
    • contextual
    • practical
  • bespeaks
  • science provides us knowledge of knowing
  • rectitude
  • technical rectitude - doing the job technically right
  • he's talking about building a bridge a right and how this is not engineering but science
  • for scienceto be authentic it must be self critical
  • utilitarian perspective of science says ends are ill served by poorly articulated means
  • he's talking about professions again
    • he's talking about some sort of duties with a profession
  • portment
  • hestalking about scientists having humility. I guess this means he isn't a scientist
  • voracious
  • he said something that I agree with and tha is that "truth" is changing with what we know. Ie
  • again he's going off on Nazi science
  • the sound keeps screwing up
  • perdorable
  • the profession of science is fullfilled by it's ends
  • science engages in doing? Why is he talking about this?
  • subserve
  • he keeps saying truths
  • he's talking about Quasi experimental. What is this?
  • he said utilize!
  • somehing is a golden ring of science. I have no clue what that is
  • stop saying utilize!
  • praxis
  • research is the something to keep science good
  • prima facia
  • non-anachronistic
  • this is pointless