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Entry title

we took the UV-vis of HRP from the previous day after it was diluted, 10% HRP and 90% water. We took UV-vis of Cirtrate from august 28. It was already diluted, 10% citrate and 90% citrate.
A 2.0 ml solution of luminol, hydrogen peroxide and buffer is prepared. Initial concentration of luminol is 1.46 mM. Initial concentration of hydrogen peroxide is 44.29. Final concentration of luminol, as told by Dr. Hartings, should be 0.126 mM, and concentration of hydrogen peroxide is 50 times luminols, 6.3 mM. Accordingly, 0.17 mL of luminol and 0.28 mL of hydrogen peroxide are added to 1.55 mL of the buffer to make the 2ml solution.
another solution of concentration ratio 90 Au:1 BSA is prepared. Concentration of gold is 2.33 mM. Concentration of BSA is 15 uM. 1.3 mL of gold and 2.24 mL of BSA are added to 6.46 ml of water.