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I am a new member of OpenWetWare!

Contact Info

Andreas Birbach (an artistic interpretation)
  • Andreas Birbach
  • Medical University of Vienna
  • Center for Physiology and Pharmacology
  • Schwarzspanierstrasse 17
  • A-1090 Vienna, Austria
  • Email me through OpenWetWare

I work in the Birbach Lab at Medical University of Vienna. I learned about OpenWetWare from another user, and I've joined because I am setting up my lab page.


  • 2006, PhD, University of Basel, Switzerland
  • 2000, MS, University of Vienna, Austria

Research interests

  1. Cellular plasticity in prostate cancer development
  2. Inflammatory diseases
  3. Transgenic animals


  1. Probasin-MerCreMer BAC allows inducible recombination in the mouse prostate
    pmid=19830822 [1]
    We created a mouse strain expressing an inducible form of the Cre recombinase in prostate epithelial cells.
    Profilin, a multi-modal regulator of neuronal plasticity


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  2. ISBN:0879697164 [Book1]

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