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==Contact Info==
==Contact Info==
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Contact Info

Aman Kumar representing iGEM'13 IIT Madras team at CUHK, Hong Kong

<html><b>Aman Kumar</b></html> <html><br></html> 258 Alakananda Hostel, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. <html><br>Email:<a href="mailto:amank.iitm@gmail.com">amank.iitm@gmail.com</a></html> <html><br>Email:<a href="mailto:bt10b003@smail.iitm.ac.in">bt10b003@smail.iitm.ac.in</a><br></html>


<html> <ul> <li><b>Master of technology in Biotechnology, <a href="http://www.iitm.ac.in/">IIT Madras </a> (2015)<br> Bachelor of technology in Biotechnology, <a href="http://www.iitm.ac.in/">IIT Madras </a> (2014)</b></li> <li><b>Board of Higher Secondary Education (2008)<br> School: Patna Central School</b></li> Graduated with 91% (Topper of the class and 7th rank holder in the school of 1200 students)<br> <li><b>Board of Secondary Education (2006)<br> School: Patna Central School </b></li> Graduated with 87.2% </ul> </html>

Research interests

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