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τD = (ω023ηπd)/4kT

where τD is the diffusion time of the sample

ω0 is the radius of the spot

η is the viscosity of the solvent (water), 0.001028kg/m s

d is the diameter of the particle

k is Boltzmann's constant = 1.3806488 × 10-23 m2 kg s-2-2 K-1

T is the temperature of the room (18.7 °C, 291.7K)

Calculating ω0 using 10000X diluted green fluorescent beads

average τD = 36.3137ms = 0.0363137 sec (taken from 10000X beads on 9/4, 9/11, and 9/12)

sqr rt [(0.0363137s)(4)(1.3806488 × 10-23 m2 kg s-2 K-1)(291.7K)]/[3(0.001028kg/m s)(pi)(2x10-7) = 5.49x10-7 m

ω0 = 0.549um