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Calculating [AuNP] in Au@SiO2/DNA-MB solutions

  • Original [Au@SiO2] = 5nM before attaching DNA

1) Addition of 5uL APS


x = 4.975nM

2) Addition of 1.5mL Sulfo-SMCC

(1.005mL)(4.975nM) = (x)(2.505mL)

x = 1.996nM

3) Centrifugation, removal of supernatant, and redispersion in 530uL KP buffer

(1.996nM)(2.505mL) = x(0.530mL)

x = 9.43nM

4) Addition of 270uL DNA


x = 6.25nM

5) Addition of 13.3uL 7.61uM MB to 100uL Au@SiO2/DNA


x = 5.52nM

Dilution Factor [Au@SiO2] [DNA] [MB]
None (stock) 5.52nM 802nM 895nM
2X 2.76nM 401nM 447.5nM
10X 552pM 80.2nM 89.5nM
100X 55.2pM 8.02nM 8.95nM
1000X 5.52pM 802pM 895pM
10000X 552fM 80.2pM 89.5pM