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To Do

  • Add Filter to FCS
  • Align using YG Fluorescent Beads
  • Add ThT to Au@SiO2/DNA solution
  • Obtain UV-Vis and Fluorescence of above solution

Au@SiO2/DNA UV-Vis Data

DNA method 2.jpg

ε of thiol-DNA= 607500 A=0.379 b=1 cm



c = 6.23x10^-7M = 0.624uM

Addition of ThT

[ThT] must be twice what [DNA] is

[DNA] = 0.624μM, so [ThT] must be 1.248μM

Use 150μL of DNA-AuNP solution (10%=15μL)

1.248x10-6M x 165x10-6L solution = 2.0592x10-10 moles ThT

(2.0592x10-10 moles ThT)/ 15 x 10-6 L = 13.728μM

-Add 15μL of 13.728μM to 150μL thiol-DNA/AuNP solution

NEW Concentrations:

[DNA]= 0.567μM, [ThT] = 1.248μM

1) Prepare 13.728uM ThT from 20uM ThT (prepared 5/14/13)