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(AuNP synthesis procedures)
(AuNP synthesis procedures)
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4) Cool to room temperature
4) Cool to room temperature
* Obtain UV-Vis Spectra of all AuNP

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AuNP synthesis procedures

  • We will perform three procedures and observe which produces the desired AuNP diameter (~10nm)

Procedure 1 Taken from User:Allison K. Alix/Notebook/Thesis Research/2013/05/10

1) Stir and heat to boiling 20mL of 1mM HAuCl4

2) Add 2mL 1% sodium citrate

3) Observe a purple to red color change

4) Determine size and concentration of AuNP using UV-Vis

Procedure 2[1]

1) Boil 50mL MilliQ water in a clean beaker

2) Add 0.5 mL of HAuCl4 solution (1% w/v)

  • 1% w/v = (0.01g in 1mL water)

3) Follow with 1.75 mL of sodium citrate solution (1% w/v)

4) Boil for about 10 minutes until solution color changes to bright red

5) Replace water lost to evaporation during boiling

6) If a higher concentration is desired, centrifuge at 14 000 rpm and resuspended in MilliQ water

Procedure 3[2]

1) Bring 100 mL of solution containing 0.01 g of HAuCl4·3H2O to reflux

2) Add 3 mL of 1% sodium citrate solution while stirring

3) Boil solution for another 40 minutes

4) Cool to room temperature

  • Obtain UV-Vis Spectra of all AuNP