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FCS Measurements

  • Run the following samples of MB/DNA

1) 10nM MB + 8nM DNA

2) 5nM MB 4nM DNA

3) 1nM MB 960pM DNA

4) 500pM MB 400pM DNA

5) 100pM MB 80pM DNA

6) 50pM MB 40pM MB

7) 25pM MB 20pM DNA

  • Run the following oligio-D samples

1) 20pM

2) 40pM

3) 60pM

4) 80pM

5) 100pM



7.61μM (x) = 20nM (1000uL)

x = 2.62uL 7.61uM MB in 997.38uL PBS

20nM (x) = (30uL)(10nM)

15uL in 15uL PBS

20nM (x) = 2nM(100uL)

10uL in 90uL

2nM (x) = 1nM (100uL)

x = 50uL in 50uL PBS

200pM (100uL) = x (1nM)

x = 20uL in 80uL PBS

100pM(100uL) = (200pM)(x)

x = 50uL in 50uL buffer

50pM (30uL) = 100pM (x)

x = 15uL in 15uL


5.31uM (500uL) = x (53.1uM)

x = 50uL in 450uL PBS

5.31uM (x) = 16nM (1000uL)

x = 3uL in 997uL PBS

16nM (x) = (8nM) (100uL)

x = 50uL in 50uL PBS

1.92nM (100uL) = x (8nM)

x = 24uL in 76 uL PBS

0.8nM (100uL) = x (1.92nM)

x = 41.7uL in 58.3uL

160pM (100) = x (800pM)

x = 20uL in 80uL

80pM (100uL) = x (160pM)

x = 50uL in 50uL

40pM (30uL) = x (80pm)

x = 15uL in 15uL PBS