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FCS data

Fluorescent beads corr curve image OWW.png

The above fluorescent correlation curve corresponds to a 20uL sample of 10,000x diluted green fluorescent beads. This sample was used to obtain correct alignment of the laser into the sample, as the beads are easily identifiable on the camera. A smooth curve indicates many are present.

OligioD calibration curve image OWW.png

The above calibration curve corresponds to several concentrations of an oligio-D samples (20pM-100pM). Although there seems to be a linear trend between the 80pM, 60pM, and 40pM, the 100pM and 20pM do not follow this same pattern. Because we are getting SOME indication that concentration and 1/N vary linearly to one another, we are going to prepare these samples once more and take FCS measurements.