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<!-- ##### DO NOT edit below this line unless you know what you are doing. ##### -->
<!-- ##### DO NOT edit below this line unless you know what you are doing. ##### -->

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  • Measure absorbance and fluorescence of thiol-DNA/MB and thiol-DNA/ThT mixtures prepared on 04/02/2013
  • React both with AuNP


Part 1: Measure absorbance values of hybrid



1) excitation at 400. Start 410, end 610 (according to absorbance spec

2) excitation at 440 start at 450 end 650

3) excitation at 417 start at 427 end 650

Part 2: Measure fluorescence of ThT and DNA alone


  • The concentration of ThT used in this solution was likely too low. Although ThT was in excess, the absorbance seen on the UV-Vis spectrum was very low. It is interesting to note that the DNA-ThT hybrid did show slight fluorescence intensity. Because there is a possibility that this signal was a background signal coming from the ThT, a fluorescence spectrum of that same concentration of ThT alone in solution was also taken (See Data below)