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Synthesize polymer film with the addition of gluteraldehyde, exchange clay in solution with a surfactant, synthesize iron oxide



A PVOH (MW=22000, 0.5g, 5ml) film was synthesized using the procedure from 8/29/2012. Before allowing the film to dry, 0.25mL of glutaraldehyde was added with stirring for ~5 minutes. This solution was then left to dry.

The clay was exchanged with surfactant in 100 and 50 percents. To create the 100% exchange solution: 2.00 g of clay and 0.7390g of HdMe2Im+ (surfactant) were dissolved in a 50/50 mixture of H2O/ethanol (25mL each) and left to stir for one week. The 50% exchange solution was created with the same parameters except using half the amount of HdMe2Im+ (0.3690g).

A solution of 1.04g iron(II) chloride, 0.5g iron sulfate, 2g of clay, and 40mL of H2O was prepared. To precipitate iron oxide out of the solution, sodium hydroxide (2.67g in 10mL H2O) was added dropwise with stirring. The solution was then filtered using vacuum filtration and left to dry.


mass of filter paper: