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  • Complete the procedure outlined by Dr.Hartings here.
  • Run SDS-PAGE samples that were prepared yesterday and run densitometry of the bands to determine the amount of protein present.


  • The gel was loaded as follows,<br.>
  • Well 1. 100 times diluted hemoglobin and dye<br.>
  • Well 2. Pepsin Time 1<br.>
  • Well 3. Pepsin Time 2<br.>
  • Well 4. Pepsin Time 3<br.>
  • Well 5. Pepsin Time 4<br.>
  • Well 6. Pepstatin Time 1<br.>
  • Well 7. Pepstatin Time 2<br.>
  • Well 8. Pepstatin Time 3<br.>
  • Well 9. Pepstatin Time 4<br.>
  • Well 10. 100 Times diluted hemoglobin and dye<br.>
  • Well 11. Dr.Fox's Sample<br.>
  • Well 12. 100 times diluted hemoglobin and pepsin<br.>
    • Note that a mistake was made while loading, the gel doesn't have a standard for 100x diluted hemoglobin with pepstatin. <br.>
  • Also Note that the overnight pepsin and pepstatin samples were viewed using UV-Vis today, as outlined in the procedure. Data is presented; however, in yesterdays writeup.


  • Please note that some of the contents of well 11 leaked into well 10.
  • Wells are labeled left to right.

Sept 25 gel.png