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  • synthesize AuNPs at various ratios to confirm ratio point of aggregation

Bench Work

  • weighed out HAuCl4 (MW 339.79 g/mol) to make a stock solution of 0.010 M

--> weighing paper 0.2688 g
-->weighing paper plus HAuCl4 0.3063 g
-->weighing paper after 0.277 g
0.00285 g HAuCl4 was added to 5 mL of water to make a stock solution of 0.0168 M HAuCl4

  • weighed out BSA (MW 66430 g/mol) to make a stock solution of 15 μM

-->weighing paper 0.2718 g
-->weighing paper plus BSA 0.2938 g
-->weighing paper after 0.2720 g
0.0218 g of BSA was added to 20 mL of water to make a stock solution of 0.1.64e-5 M BSA

  • made 10 mL Au/BSA solutions at 14 different ratios as calculated in the following spreadsheet:

20120831 AuNPsynthesisvolumes.png

  • The solutions were placed at 85 °C at 4:20 pm and heated for 4 hours then cooled to room temperature over 30 minutes


  • N/A


  • assisted by Eleni
  • The HAuCl4 had to be weighed out using a metal spatula wrapped in parafilm to prevent contact between the choloric acid and the metal.