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(Study Breaks)
(Study Breaks)
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*November 15, 8pm: T-Shirt Voting Study Break
*November 15, 8pm: T-Shirt Voting Study Break
*Friday, December 14, 5pm: Finals Study Break
*Friday, December 14, 5:30pm: BE Department Holiday Party
==2006-2007 Events==
==2006-2007 Events==

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Social activities and events organized through the Undergraduate Student Board provide an opportunity for students in different phases of their undergraduate careers to interact and relax in the midst life at MIT.

Department Socials

Every once in a while (about once a semester), the BE department hosts a large social event for all faculty, students, and staff. Traditions have included a Fall BBQ, a late-summer ChemE/BE BBQ, a spring BE sports picnic with student-faculty softball, croquet, bocce..., and many more.

Study Breaks

  • November 15, 8pm: T-Shirt Voting Study Break
  • Friday, December 14, 5:30pm: BE Department Holiday Party

2006-2007 Events

UG: Spring '08/'09 Mixer