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First, we need a template... plan to do this with Microsoft Publisher, any ideas?

Topics to Possible put on the newsletter:

  1. Elections
    • Probably put up the platforms or just the people running and a link
  2. What we accomplished over IAP
    • Senior dinner
    • The advisor assistant idea
    • Tutoring
    • Curriculum board?,
  3. Fun things we are thinking of doing (please edit)
    • Movie
    • Mixers
    • Dinners
    • Any dates we know are final like the date of the next study break
    • And...?
  4. When our UG Board meets
    • Time
    • Day
    • The fact that food will be present
    • You don't have to contribute you can just take food
    • You can come and go whenever you please
  5. Mention our website
    • Minutes are posted
    • Agenda is posted for future meetings
    • Newsletters like this will be posted