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(BE Undergrad Board Minutes, January 9, 2008)
(<font color=#2D9258>Minutes</font>)
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===<font color=#2D9258>2008</font>===
===<font color=#2D9258>2008</font>===
[[BE Board:Minutes - 1/09/08 Minutes| 1/09/08 Minutes]]<br>
[[BE Board:Minutes - 1/09/08 Minutes| 1/09/08 Minutes]]
[[BE Board:Minutes - 1/15/08 Minutes| 1/15/08 Minutes]]<br>
==<font color=#2D9258>Transition</font>==
==<font color=#2D9258>Transition</font>==

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Information about past and upcoming meetings can be found here.

Please feel free to add discussion topics to the agenda of the next meeting. If you do, please provide a short introduction to the topic and how long a discussion you feel it merits. Thanks!

Undergradute BE Board:Agenda template When adding a meeting, copy the code from this page and paste it into a new page with the title of the new meeting date (Undergraduate_BE_Board:_M/D/YY) and then fill in the appropriate sections. When adding a meeting to the Minutes list, it may be useful to copy from the Agenda page so some structure will be in place.





1/09/08 Minutes 1/15/08 Minutes


4/18/07 Meeting Agenda
4/18/07 Meeting Minutes