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Q: What is biological engineering?

A: At heart, BE is the synthesis of fundamental life sciences - such as biology and chemistry - with engineering, with the goal of ultimately not only understanding how biological systems and processes work, but also using this knowledge to develop new technologies, materials, etc. that have applications in many areas, such as medicine and energy. BE is a pioneering, rapidly growing field that is distinguished from biology and more traditional chemical or biomedical engineering by its use of quantitative methods to analyze biological systems from a molecular- and cellular-level perspective. For more details about BE and the department at MIT, refer to the BE homepage.


  • To represent the undergraduate's interests to the BE faculty
  • To create a community of students within the major
  • To organize social and Academic Events for BE undergrads
  • To identify and disseminate resources for choosing courses, finding UROPs, and learning about life (careers/grad school/med school) after MIT

General Introduction:

  1. Wiki: http://openwetware.org/wiki/Undergraduate_BE_Board
  2. Frequencies of meeting: Usually twice a month (doodle for time/space)
  3. President: Write up agenda on wiki, run meeting
  4. Secretary: Take minutes on wiki
  5. Treasurer: Meet with Cathy Green to go over current funds, set up budget
  6. VP: Helps president with day-to-day activities, in charge of the BE FPOP
  7. BE lists: besb-11, besb-12, besb-13, besb-14 (Cathy will approve messages)
  8. Our mailing lists:
    • busybeboard@mit.edu - all course 20's who wish to be updated about BEUB
    • busybeboard-ug-exec@Mit.edu - all undergrad exec members
    • busybeboard-exec@Mit.edu - Exec + faculty sponsors
    • Gmail account: busybeboard@gmail.com
  9. Lounge
    • in charge of ordering things for the lounge, get requests from students
    • Office Combo
  10. Be Admin events
    • help out Scott, Natalie at info sessions during registration
    • Activities Midway for Orientation and CPW
  11. Contact Scott Manalis, Linda Griffith, and Natalie Kuldell to introduce yourselves


  1. Associate Advising
    • Get a list of Advisors from Cathy Greene
    • Recruit Juniors to volunteer to be AA's
    • Match them up and make sure people get reimbursed, etc.
  2. Study breaks (normally each class gets one after some bug project/test); should be 1 per class per semester at least
    • Also, we have been getting requests for more mixers between classes, just fyi
  3. BE Stuff
    • tshirts - I think we still have a lot
    • mugs - we are out
    • any other ideas that you want to have stuff for (pens, sweat pants, travel mugs, flip flops)
  4. Grad School Panel (April)
    • Get a panel of BE grad students and 2010 seniors who just finished
    • grad contract Bryan Owens (Anne will know who to contact)
  5. Med School Panel
    • Joint with BE-BMES last year
    • Talk with Professor Griffith to get ideas
  6. Open house event for Freshmen
    • Joint with BE-BMES last year
    • get faculty from similar majors (20, 10, 7, 5, 3) to discuss the differences
    • should be done before freshmen declare majors
  7. Goodbye Dinner for Seniors in May (Kevin can take care of this if necessary)
  8. Curriculum Meetings
    • Contact Scott Manalis about when these will be held and if the BEUB can do anything to help
  9. BE FPOP
    • Ask Sivakami if you guys need help
    • Recruit counselors EARLY
    • This MUST happen this year. Last year meant a 2-year commitment
  10. Faculty Grad School Talk
    • Usually Scott Manalis leads this talk in the spring
    • More of timing/financials of grad school
  11. Internship Information Session
    • Talk with Dan Darling about acquiring an internship
  12. Elections: you know how this works