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On this page, you can find information regarding the upcoming elections for the undergrad board. All sophomores and juniors in course 20 are eligible to run for one position. Candidates may not apply for more than one position. We encourage you to submit a platform for consideration, either by adding to this page or emailing the current board, at busybeboard AT mit.edu

Elected positions

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary


Platforms are meant to be open-ended. Information you may wish to provide includes your name, class year, why you wish to hold an elected position, and any qualifications you may have.


No platforms yet. Submit one today!


Emily Jean Onufer
As a sophomore in course 20, I would like to run for the position of vice president. I feel that I am qualified for this job because I have had ample leadership at MIT through my position as secretary on RingComm, orientation coordinator of the class of 2011, and also in the various other activities I participate in. As vice president, I would hope to help improve relations between the BE class and the officers. I want to use my communication and organizational skills to help enact programs that would benefit course 20 students. I enjoy course 20, but I enjoy talking to course 20 students even more and I know that I could improve this organization with my dedication and determination. The duties of the vice president are to essentially support the other officers and help them implement their projects. I would love to be BE vice president. If you see me around, feel free to say hi! :) It would be an honor to participate in this organization. Thanks!

YingFei Li
Hi! My name is YingFei and I am a sophomore majoring in course 20. I am really excited to be running for the BE exec VP. I am very passionate about bioengineering and I have enjoyed all the course 20 classes thus far! I just got a very cool UROP that has been researching on how transcription, signaling and metabolism change during development, in disease and in response to environmental change in the Fraenkel Lab.

I would like to be your VP because I really want to make a difference in the BE society for undergraduates! Be it a FUN, a CLOSE community! As an exec member on the Society of Women Engineering last year, I have acquired some experience of being on the exec board, and of making our BE society a lively community! As a VP, I am definitely committed and will always do my best with organizing activities and running the society effectively for the next 2 terms. To continue the tradition of the BE society, I want to hold course 20 dinners for students and faculty members, in which students can learn more about course 20 and get some advice of what classes to take and how to prepare themselves for their future jobs. In addition, we will continue to hold study breaks, sponsor lots of free food and have speakers come to talk about graduate schools, medical school and various of jobs. Also, I have several new ideas: since course 20 is a fairly new major, what if we organize an FPOP program specially for bioengineering? We can give freshmen a tour of our bioengineering labs, maybe guide them thorough several experiments, giving them a snapshot of how cool bioengineering is! Also, we will have faculty members introduce to them what bioengineering really is about; how is it different from biology and we also have upperclassmen talk about their experience with bioengineering as well as their cool UROPs! Finally, we can introduce them to our BE society, and make them active members of our community. In addition to that, we can hold a networking dinner once or twice a year, we will have people from career office or from various biotech or pharmaceutical companies coming over talk about interview skills and networking skills, then we will have some seniors talk about their job application experience and give their advice to the underclassmen. Then there will be some fun stuff! We can organize a retreat for our board members once or twice a year, while we will have a lot of fun, we can also talk about how we can improve our BE society even better and more exciting. And finally, last term, we had a BE holiday party, and people had a lot of fun there! We can try to organize a BE formal, so that all course 20 people will become more familiar with each other!

So why should you elect a sophomore to be your VP? For one thing, I probably won't be as busy as other juniors and seniors who have a heavy load of course work or are busy applying for jobs, grad schools or med schools. I will have more free time to dedicate to organizing this club and really making use of most of our resources. I have some new ideas and I am very motivated to work with our exec board members to implement these ideas. As VP, I will try my best to assist our president as well as other members to organize activities if they need help. I'd be honored to have the chance to make a difference in our society and would probably stay active until I graduate!

Thank you for your time and I am excited to meet all of you soon!!!


No platforms yet. Submit one today!


Maryelise Cieslewicz
Hi Biological Engineering Students! My name is Maryelise Cieslewicz. I am currently a sophomore in BE and I love Biological Engineering! Since it’s clear to all of us that course 20 is, of course, the best major at MIT, I can see why its enrollment is increasing every year! I feel that the BE undergraduate board is an integral part of course 20’s growth and would love to work with you to ensure BE’s place at MIT. This is why I am running for secretary of the BE undergraduate board.

As secretary I would take my responsibilities to take good notes, send emails and organize events seriously. For the past year, I worked as the publicity chair for the Society of Women Engineers, so I have experience in working with others on a board, remaining organized, and meeting deadlines. But I think I can bring more to the BE board than just this skill set. I have a lot of ideas on how to connect more to freshmen still deciding which major to pursue, how to create more unity and mentorship between the BE graduating classes, and how to broaden our reach by getting BE board involved with other organizations on campus. For example, BE board could create dorm representatives to act as a resource to freshmen to answer questions about course 20 classes. Furthermore, BE upperclassmen could attend advising meetings and dinners so that freshmen and sophomores in BE can talk to other students, in addition to faculty, about choosing classes. I know that advice from older friends in BE helped me transition more easily into course 20 this fall. I have many more ideas, but I’d also love to hear the ideas other course 20’ers have to share.

I enjoyed meeting more course 20 sophomores this fall in 20.110 and can’t wait to meet other BE students to hear more about the exciting direction they want course 20 to take. I’d really appreciate your vote for the secretary of the BE undergraduate board. Thank you!