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#*What to do --
#*What to do --
#**Hand out newsletter (Neha and Bernice will work on it and anyone else willing)
#**Hand out newsletter (Neha and Bernice will work on it and anyone else willing)
#***Newsletter Outline is here
#***Newsletter Outline is here: [[BE Board:Newsletter - February Newsletter| February Newsletter]]
#**Speak about upcoming events
#**Speak about upcoming events
#**Talk about elections
#**Talk about elections

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Meeting: Tuesday January 22nd, 7:30pm 3rd floor building 56 (Mike buy food)

  1. Welcome back kickoff
    • Date -- Tuesday Feb 12th?
    • Location --
      • Dan couldn't find any place in SS
      • Reserved 56-614 Feb 12th 7-9pm (tentative, can be changed)
      • Currently requesting 56-114
    • Food -- Subway, Finale's cake (Dan is trying to get approved. Mike must cut)
    • What to do --
      • Hand out newsletter (Neha and Bernice will work on it and anyone else willing)
      • Speak about upcoming events
      • Talk about elections
      • Hand out T-shirts?
  2. Senior Dinner
    • Who: students, faculty, event coordinators?, be elected officials?
    • Style: cocktail? formal sit-down? (cocktail sounds fun to me)
    • Extras: slideshow/pictures? -- during dinner or separate time before/after?
    • Awards:
      • Formal: from advisors? faculty?
      • Nonformal: "fun awards" -> How many: 5-10?
      • Method of selection of award choices: 1) preset, 2) seniors choose, 3) seniors vote from list, 4) people are nominated for specific awards
        • Voting system (if we have one?): 1) vote on choices (online?), 2) nominate
    • Attire: Formal? Semi-formal?
    • Are there themes/decoration for senior dinners? I'm not very familiar with them. Do we want one?
    • In the future we might have to do this differently
    • Do we want to start any traditions?
  3. BE Tshirts
  4. Mission Statement
  5. UG on curriculum board (so not hosed, no units hiding, etc)
  6. BE UG Board ASA recognized? Do we want? Maybe beneficial for continuity reasons