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(Undergraduate Specific Events)
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*Other possibilities:
*Other possibilities:
**Industry Seminars
**Industry Seminars for Undergrads
**Applying to grad school/med school
**Applying to Grad School/Med School
==Departmental Seminar Series==
==Departmental Seminar Series==

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Undergraduate Specific Events

  • This term (Fall '07): Have a few grad students attend an informal dinner and speak about their research
  • Next term 9Spring '07): Have seniors present their experiences as pioneers in the BE major
  • Other possibilities:
    • Industry Seminars for Undergrads
    • Applying to Grad School/Med School

Departmental Seminar Series

Each semester, the Biological Engineering Department invites speakers from around the country to talk at the weekly seminar series. This is a great opportunity to meet professors from other institutions and acquired a broader perspective on the types of research and approaches within the realm of biological engineering.

Industrial Seminar Series

These seminars are organized by the Graduate Student Board and occur once a month. The speakers typically work for biotechnology firms or have a new perspective on biological engineering.