Undergraduate BE Board:'07-'08 T-shirts

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The Winning Design

Sadly, the Dos Equis design had a copyright infringement, so we have to choose a new design this week! Here are the new design submissions:


(back says "MIT Biological Engineering;" could change color scheme to yellow on blue or green on blue or something)


Please choose your favorite here. Voting closes THIS FRIDAY (as in the day after Valentine's Day) so vote now!!

Pre-Order Your Shirt

  • Since there will be a new t-shirt design, you MUST RE-ORDER YOUR SHIRT if you would like a BE shirt this year.
  • Pre-orders begin next week (Monday, February 18) and will last for one full week.

Note: The shirts will be American Apparel. (The girl's tees run a size smaller than normal.)

Projected Timeline

  • T-shirt pre-orders taken through February 25
  • Orders will be placed by the end of February
  • Stay tuned for a study break t-shirt distribution announcement!


  • You must pre-order your shirt by February 25
  • You can order regular or girly tees in sizes XS through XL (American Apparel)
  • Price estimate of ~$10 to $15 per shirt
  • Distribution - Study Break will be hosted to deliver shirts
  • Any other questions? Email be-shirts@mit.edu