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52 Oxford St.<br>
52 Oxford St.<br>
Cambridge MA 02138<br>
Cambridge MA 02138<br>
[http://map.harvard.edu/level2.cfm?mapname=camb_allston&tile=F6&series=M Campus Map] (Northwest Building is at top)
[http://map.harvard.edu/?ctrx=759805.5&ctry=2963082.5&level=8&layers=Campus%20Base%20and%20Buildings,Map%20Text Campus Map] (Northwest Building is at top)

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the turnbaugh lab


Mailing Address:

Harvard University
FAS Center for Systems Biology
Northwest Lab Rm 369.15
52 Oxford St.
Cambridge MA 02138
Campus Map (Northwest Building is at top)


Office: (617) 384-9238
Fax: (617) 495-2196


pturnbaugh at fas dot harvard dot edu

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Northwest building.gif