Trizol extraction for RNA and DNA

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This is a protocol for harvesting both RNA and DNA from mammalian tissue. It is currently written for tissue preparation but can also be used on cell suspensions and cells grown on a monolayer.


Homoginize sample

  • Homogonize tissue in 1ml trizol per 50-100 mg of tissue without having more than 10% sample volume compared to trizol
  • Incubate sample 5' @ RT

Extract RNA

  • Add 0.2ml of chloroform per 1mL of trizol and shake for 15"
  • Spin at 12,000xg for 15' @ 4C
  • Remove top aqueous phase (SAVE bottom organic phase for DNA)

RNA Precipitation

  • Add 0.5ml of isopropanol per 1ml of trizol to the aqueous phase
  • Incubate 10' @ RT
  • Spin at 12,000xg for 10' @ 4C
  • Wash pellet with 1ml 75% EtOH per 1ml trizol then vortex
  • Spin at 12,000xg for 5' @ 4C

RNA Resuspension

  • Air dry for 5-10' and resuspend in 30-50ul RNAse free H2O


Percipitation of DNA

  • Take organic phase and carefully remove all aqueous phase
  • Add 0.4ml 100% EtOH per 1ml of trizol mix by hand
  • Incubate 2-3' @ RT
  • Spin at 2,000xg for 5' @ 4C
  • Remove sup (can be saved for protein purification)

DNA Wash

  • Wash pellet 2x with 0.1M Sodium Citrate 10% EtOH 1ml per 1ml of trizol
  • At each wash incubate in wash solution for 30' @ RT
  • Spin at 2,000xg for 5' @ 4C
  • Resuspend in 1.5-2.0ml 75% EtOH and incubate for 10-20' @ RT mix periodically
  • Spin at 2,000xg for 5' @ 4C

Redissolve DNA

  • Redissolve pellet in 300-600ul of 8mM NaOH per 50-70mg of tissue
  • Spin at 12,000xg for 10 minutes to remove cell detritus
  • Save supernatant with DNA