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The Toronto Microfluidics Foundry is a flexible environment for the fabrication and integration of polymer-based microfluidic devices and complements ECTI, the central cleanroom facility at the University of Toronto. The Foundry is a Class 1000 cleanroom. Users need to be trained according to the UofT Health and Safety regulations as well as individually at the equipment and need to attend monthly user meetings. Fulfilling these requirements is a prerequisite for maintaining active user status.

The Foundry is supported by the Canada Foundation of Innovation, the Ontario Ministry for Research & Innovation, and the National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada.


The purposes of signing up for equipment is: 1) to keep track of user hours for financial management of the facility 2) to make sure equipment is available when you need it. Please DO NOT FORGET to sign up for the equipment you will use (or have used).


This new system allows you to reserve each equipment for the time needed.

To view all equipments booking of the day:

Please contact the Process Technology Committee (PTC-Foundry[at]mie[dot]utoronto[dot]ca) to get your new username and password set up.

Note: you need to email the Process Technology Committee (PTC-Foundry[at]mie[dot]utoronto[dot]ca) to process after hours/on weekends.

SPINCOATER contact: Don Stephens Technical Support SCS 7645 Woodland Dr. Indianapolis, IN. 46278 Ph.: 317-244-1200 ext. 260 Fax: 317-240-2739 E-mail:


New users must attend the training session after the monthly Foundry meeting prior to any fabrication. Fabrication hours are Monday to Friday, 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. After hours and weekend usage is not permitted.

LOCATION: MC405, Phone: 8-6851


List and contact information of active users of the facility, and for the process technology committee (PTC)

This is a multi-user facility that is supported by a number of UofT research groups. You should adhere to the lab rules (safety, signup, participation in joint info/cleaning sessions) in order to maintain active user status. Click here for a list of active users.

The PTC is designed to maintain and improve process standards at the Toronto Microfluidic Foundry. Click here for a list of current members. General functions of the PTC are:

- Approve requests for any new fabrication process

- Provide suggestions for (changes in) user policies and fabrication protocols where needed

- Match new users with experienced ones for training

- Make suggestions for improvements of the facility and set priorities with respect to equipment upgrade/ acquisition of new equipment

- Provide short updates at Foundry Meetings

- Discussion through our LISTERV account is also encouraged: MICROFLUIDICSFOUNDRY-L[at]listserv[dot]utoronto[dot]ca


Please note that either attending the monthly meetings or informing us when you can't make it is mandatory for ALL users. Training sessions are held after monthly meetings and are mandatory for new users.

  • Thursday May 13, 3pm, MC405
  • Thursday June 10, 2pm, MC405
  • Thursday July 15, 2pm, MC405


Please record all supplies we are running low on. The Foundry will order them, and when it is received, it'll be removed from this page.


. Consumables

. Photomasks

Contact information for spin coater maintenance: Don Stephens Technical Support SCS 7645 Woodland Dr. Indianapolis, IN. 46278 Ph.: 317-244-1200 ext. 260 Fax: 317-240-2739 E-mail:


Dump your numbered fabrication recipes here. Recipe Dump


Access to the foundry requires users to be compliant with the UofT health and Safety regulations and to be individually trained at the equipment. Users that don't fulfill these requirements are denied access.

Waste will be picked up from the Foundry on every second Monday starting March 10, 2008.

There are separate containers for liquid chemical waste under the fume hood. Please separate your liquid waste accordingly.

There is a sharp's box beside the waste container. Sharps (glass, needles, blades, etc.) are to be disposed here, NOT in regular waste.

Bulk SU-8 and liquid PDMS waste are to be disposed of in their respective bags in the blue oil drum outside the cleanroom. This is NOT to be disposed of in regular waste.


  • SmallTalks, Thursday August 19, 2010, 2:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M., Bahen room 8256.


ECTI - UofT's Central Cleanroom - Bahen Center (BA), 7th floor

Center for Imaging Cellular Function (UHN, PMH), 2nd floor Discovery Tower at MaRS

Institute for Optical Sciences (excimer laser facilities), 3rd floor, Physics Building Side Wing

CMC, Microfabrication Service Provider for Canadian Universities, located at Queens University campus, Kingston, ON

Dolomite, commercial vendor for microfluidic glass chips related to microreactor company Syrris, UK

Micronit, Commercial independent vendor for microfluidic glass chips, NL

Stanford Microfluidics Foundry

Center for Engineering in Medicine, MGH