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Our teaching material is password protected for annoying legal reasons. You'll have been given the passwords elsewhere.

Chem 1102 notes are here. I lecture Mon, Wed and Fri at 9. Initially I will post incomplete handouts which you can bring to lectures. I will post complete versions of these handouts soon after the lectures. It's important to realise that these handouts are your primary source for examinable material. We may not go through everything in class. All examinable material is marked in the handouts.

MOBT 5102 notes are here. Lectures are Wed 3-5, but please consult your schedule for the timings of other things such as tutes and tutorial assessments.

CHEM 3115/3915 notes coming.

How to Interact with Mat if you're a Sydney Chem Student

There are several ways to get in touch with me if you have a question about one of my courses, or you just want to sit back and talk about Organic Chemistry. My office is Room 517, Level 5 of the School of Chemistry. I have office hours during semester 10:30 to 11:30 on Wednesdays. Office hours are when I'm guaranteed to be available either in the office or online. It's very likely at other times I'll be busy (we do research when we're not teaching), so you can try to email me to set up an appointment. If you see me in the School, or generally around, just talk to me about science.

Online, you can send me a tweet, leave a message on Facebook, try out the deeply cool Teaching Room or step up to Mat's new Google+ account. These tools are really good because everyone else can see what we're talking about. If none of these work, Blackboard is always an option. So: during office hours I will reply to questions in person in my office, or I will be online to answer questions in real time.

If you just want to zone out and watch some organic chemistry demos, check this out.