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February 21st 2011: Congratulations to Swapnil on his award of a Henry Bertie and Florence Mabel Gritton Research Scholarship. Drinks are on him...

February 15th 2011: A new industry-sponsored PhD position in medicinal chemistry is available. If you're interested, please contact Mat. Only Australian residents are eligible for this opening.

February 15th 2011: The awesome and long-awaited Treasure Hunt paper comes out in J. Chem. Ed. - this turns a campus map into a play area for a Chemistry-themed treasure hunt.

January 27th 2011: Mat is named as one of the University's top 10 lecturers for 2010 in a nationwide poll.

November 3rd 2010: Congratulations to Ahamed for being selected as one of the three Sydney University Chemical Society Le Fevre Lecturers for 2010.

October 6th 2010: Mat talks about open science and electronic lab notebooks at USyd's eResearch showcase.

September 23rd 2010: Yu Heng's first paper is accepted into Chem. Eur. J. And he's off to start his PhD with Dave Spring. Paper available here

September 20th 2010: Ahamed, Thiru and lots of other peoples' paper on how dihydroisoquinoline reacts with nitromethane is published.

September 6th 2010: Ahamed's review on catalytic asymmetric additions of C-nucleophiles to N-heterocycles is published.

August 6th 2010: Mat speaks on Open Science at Ignite Sydney. Mat's talk's currently the most watched from the night.

June 2010: Our lab's open science approach featured in Chemistry in Australia

May 11th 2010: Mat is awarded a Citation for Excellence in Teaching from the Faculty of Science at The University of Sydney.

April 6th 2010: Mat talks about open science at Google. The talk is picked up here.

February 4th 2010: Our open science project is the subject of a feature article in Nature