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Current Group Members

Mat Todd
Mat Todd, Captain
Murray Robertson
Murray Robertson, Postdoc
Alice Williamson
Alice Williamson, Postdoc
Sandra Ast
Sandra Ast, Postdoc (with Peter Rutledge)
Swapnil Anam
Swapnil Anam, PhD student
Anthony Lo
Anthony Lo, PhD student (with Trevor Hambley)
Althea Tsang
Althea Tsang, PhD student
Soo Park
Soo Park, PhD student
Matin Dean
Matin Dean, Grad Dip student
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Kat Badiola
Kat Badiola, Honours student
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Former Group Members

(Please edit these pages directly if you would like, or email Mat with updates, and pictures of what you now look like)

Queen Mary

Shaimaa El-Fayyoumy
Shaimaa El-Fayyoumy, PhD student 2003-7, now Technical & Business Development Manager Whyte Chemicals Ltd, UK
Rabab Toubar
Rabab Toubar, Chevening Scholar 2003-4, now assistant lecturer, Ain Shams University, Cairo and PhD student, University of Massachusetts Lowell, USA
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Tomasz Wyczesany
Tomasz Wyczesany, PhD student 2004-8, now Honorary Research Associate (Sydney Uni) and Development Chemist (Alpha Chemical)
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Victor Sun
Victor Sun, Honours 2009
Yu Heng Lau
Yu Heng Lau, Honours 2009, now PhD student, Spring group, Cambridge
Taliesha Paine
Taliesha Paine, Honours 2007-8, now PhD student, Kassiou group, Sydney
Qun Yu
Qun Yu, Postdoc
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File:Need Photo.tif
Michael Woelfle
Michael Woelfle, Postdoc 2009-2011
Ahamed Muneer
Ahamed Muneer, PhD student 2007-2011, now Postdoc, imir, Leuven, Belgium
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File:Need Photo.tif File:Need Photo.tif File:Need Photo.tif File:Need Photo.tif
File:Need Photo.tif
Nilupa Amarasinghe
Nilupa Amarasinghe, PhD student 09-13
Mingfeng Yu
Mingfeng Yu, PhD student 09-13, now postdoc Shudong Wang's group

Paul Ylioja
Paul Ylioja, Postdoc 2011-12, now Consultant, RPA Risks and Policy Analysts
Angus Jones
Angus Jones, Grad Dip student 2011-2 (with Peter Rutledge
Cale Burge
Cale Burge, TSP undergrad student 2012
Sarah Carman
Sarah Carman, TSP undergrad student 2012
Matthew Tarnowski
Matthew Tarnowski, TSP undergrad student 2012
Jim Cronshaw
Jim Cronshaw, Honours student 2012

Group Photos

Ahamed Le Fevre
Ahamed Receiving his Le Fevre award from Thomas Maschmeyer, president of Chemsoc
Michael and Ahamed
Michael and Ahamed, Group Dinner, Nov 2010
Nilupa and Mingfeng
Nilupa and Mingfeng, Group Dinner, Nov 2010
Swapnil and Anthony
Swapnil and Anthony, Group Dinner, Nov 2010
Todd Group
The Group, May 24th 2011 (missing Tim, Thiru, Anthony)
Todd Group
The Group, May 24th 2011 (missing Tim, Thiru, Anthony)
Todd Group
The Group, May 24th 2011 (missing Tim, Thiru, Anthony)
Ahamed Submitting
Ahamed Submits the Corrected Copy of his PhD Thesis, Aug 19th 2011, to our new School admin manager, Jody
Mingfeng Conference
Mingfeng presenting his poster at the 14th Asian Chemical Congress, Sept 2011
Laura Talk
Laura presenting her talk on open source drug discovery, 26 Oct 2011
Todd Group
The Group, October 2011
Todd Group
Nilupa submitting her corrected PhD thesis, 22 Apr 2013
Mingfeng PhD
Mingfeng submits his corrected PhD thesis, April 2013

Mat also posts occasional photos at Twitpic