Todd:Despatch of samples for testing

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How to Send Chemical Samples by Courier

  • Label and weigh the correct number of vials.
    • Preferably use a label printer for clarity
    • Do not write directly onto the vial. Pen will rub off eventually.
  • Transfer required samples to vials and obtain mass.
  • Fill in the Customs declaration form, following instruction on page 2.
    • Include sample reference AND
      • Use CAS numbers and MSDS for known compounds and/or;
      • Include IUPAC name
    • If appropriate include a statement such as:

The samples are packaged as white solids and none of the substances are not classified as dangerous according to Directive 67/548/EEC

    • Once the form is filled, print three (3) copies and sign with black pen.
    • Placed samples in small box, along with any spectra or documentation required.
    • Place small box in a bigger box and fill with packing material such as vermiculite (available from stores).
    • Seal box well with packing tape
    • Attach clear delivery label including sender address.

Take the box, paperwork and your cost-code to stores and ask them to organise courier delivery.