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*[[Todd:Despatch of samples for testing|Despatch of Samples for Testing]]
*[[Todd:Despatch of samples for testing|Despatch of Samples for Testing]]
*[[Todd:Labtrove| Labtrove]]
*[[Todd:Labtrove| Labtrove]]
===Day-to-Day Responsibilities===
===Day-to-Day Responsibilities===

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Day-to-Day Responsibilities


Safety Procedures

Grant Codes

  • General: L0961 00000
  • Linkage (ARC Grant Number LP0883419)(PZQ people): L0961 A4343 (ARC) and L0961 R9074 (WHO)
  • NBCF (azamacrocycle people): L0961 R7128
  • Stanford/IPDF grant L0961 80030
  • WUN/IPDF grant L0961 90030
  • Basil/MMV/IPDF grant L0961 20030
  • MMV Pilot project L0961 R9755
  • AAS Travel Grant L0961 R8282
  • ARC Discovery DP120104035 Charting Intercellular Space L0961 A7765
  • MMV Linkage LP120100552 : ARC (L0961 A4450), MMV (TBA)

Group Meetings

Mondays at 12. Updated Schedule

How to Get Started on OpenWetWare (New group members)

Do all this stuff to get an account and start editing pages

Add yourself to this page

Performance Management and Review

Salaried employees