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Journal Publications

  1. Xu B., Sathitsuksanoh N., Tang Y., Udvardi M., Zhang J., Shen Z., Balota M., Harich K., Zhang YHP, Zhao B. 2012. Over-expressing LOV1 induced erect leaf, altered cell wall content and increased water use efficiency in switchgrass. PLOS One. 7(12): e47399
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  5. You C., Zhang XZ., Sathitsuksanoh N., Lynd LR., Zhang YHP. 2012. Ex vivo cellulosome-microbe complexes expedite microbial cellulose utilization rate greatly especially on low-accessibility recalcitrant cellulose. Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 78(5):1437-1444
  6. Xue B., Escamilla-Treviño L.L., Sathitsuksanoh N., Shen Z., Shen H., Zhang YHP, Dixon R., Zhao B., 2011. Silencing of 4-Coumarate: Coenzyme A ligase in switchgrass leads to reduced lignin content and improved fermentable sugar yields for biofuel production. New Phytologist (in press)
  7. Zhang XZ, Sathitsuksanoh N., Zhu ZG, Zhang YHP., 2011. One-Step Production of Lactate from Cellulose as Sole Carbon Source without Any Other Organic Nutrient by Recombinant Cellulolytic Bacillus subtilis. Metabolic Engineering (in press)
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  10. Rollin J., Zhu Z., Sathitsuksanoh N., Zhang YHP. Increasing cellulose accessibility is more important than removing lignin: A comparison of cellulose solvent-based lignocellulose fractionation and soaking in aqueous ammonia. Biotechnology & Bioengineering, DOI: 10.1002/bit.22919.
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Book Chapters

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