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Yeast protocols

=From the Atkin lab=
Total RNA extraction Support Protocol: [Media:rnapheno.pdf|Preparation of buffer saturated phenol]
[Media:mrnahalf.pdf|Measurement of mRNA half lives]
[Media:PlyriRNA.pdf|Yeast polyribosome preparation for RNA]
[Media:RNAgels.pdf|Electrophoresis of RNA through gels containing formaldehyde]
[Media:NorthRNA.pdf|Northern transfer of RNA]
[Media:dnaprobe.pdf|Preparation of oligolabeled probes]
[Media:hybrdRNA.pdf|Hybridization of RNA blots]
[Media:Remov32P.pdf|Removal of oligolabeled probes for GeneScreen Plus membranes]
[Media:plyriprot.pdf|Yeast polyribosome preparation - Proteins]
[Media:protgel.pdf|Gel electrophoresis of proteins in denaturing conditions]
[Media:protran.pdf|Electrotransfer of proteins from polyacrylamide gels to membranes]