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  • The BioBrick Public Agreement is a proposed legal framework.
  • The purpose of the BPA is to enable the free exchange and use of standard biological parts.
  • The current BPA version is Version 1, DRAFT.
  • The BPA is not yet intended for use by contributors or users of standard biological parts.
  • Your feedback is requested via email to "endy" or "grewal" at biobricks dot org.
  • Download the current version of the BPA.
    • BioBrick Public Agreement Version 1, DRAFT (URL, c/o MIT DSpace)
      • Direct link (PDF, 114kb)
  • Download a presentation introducing the BioBrick Public Agreement.
    • Download slide deck (PDF, 1.1mb)


  • How will this work practically? Will it be like iTunes?
    • Contributors will contribute materials via the BioBrick Contributor Agreement. The BioBricks Foundation (BBF) will provide this service for free via the web. Third parties could (theoretically) also provide such service. The Contributor Agreements themselves will be made publicly available for use and redistribution. Users will agree to the BioBrick User Agreement via a “clickthrough” form that will be freely available via the web (c/o the BBF). The BBF will not maintain records of User Agreements, but will provide a free service to validate User Agreements as needed.