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(Responded to comments from Dr. Dahlquist.)
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Revision as of 17:45, 2 February 2013

  1. You need to put the complete street address for your box at LMU.
    1. I do not have a box at LMU. Is this an issue I should resolve?
  2. On the Week 1 shared journal page, make a link back to your user page at the top of the section where you answered the questions.
    1. Complete.
  3. You are using the summary field the majority of the time. The goal is to fill it out every time you make a change.
    1. I will work hard to remember this.
  4. Your template is missing. Please create one and invoke it from your user page and all of your individual journal pages. It should contain links for each of the class assignment pages, your journal pages, and the class shared journal pages. It is also helpful to put the class category on it as well.
    1. I had created a template in the first assignment, and used it that week to create the individual journal page for Week 2. I had thought the template was for all new pages, not for the main page. Sorry about that. I have now incorporated the template into my main page. I have also created a link to the template on my main page.