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EcoRI/BamHI Digest of PCR Products

For PCR products, you will only digest a portion of your purified PCR product. Note that you must make a minor modification to the procedure if your DNA is shorter than 300bp (you add a little isopropanol to the ADB after melting).

  • Set up the following reaction:
 8uL of eluted PCR product
 1uL of NEB Buffer 2
 0.5uL EcoRI
 0.5uL BamHI
  • Incubate at 37 degrees on the thermocycler for 1hr
  • Run an agarose gel, and melt with 600uL ADB buffer at 55 degrees. ****NOTE: If you are running short of time, this is an acceptable stopping point
  • If the DNA is shorter than 300bp, add 250uL of isopropanol and mix prior to loading it on the column