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Email: tao.zhang@physik.lmu.de
Email: tao.zhang@physik.lmu.de
Google Account: thetaolab@gmail.com  
Google Account: grosstao@gmail.com  
('''Follow Tao's [http://www.google.com/reader/ Google Reader]? NOW !!!''')
('''Follow Tao's [http://www.google.com/reader/ Google Reader]? NOW !!!''')

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  • Tao Zhang

Tao Zhang obtained his B.S. (2008) in Applied Chemistry from Yantai University, China. He worked in Tsinghua University as a joint master student co-supervised by Prof. Lijin Xu and Prof. Dongsheng Liu and obtained his M.S. (2011) in Inorganic Chemistry from Renmin University of China. Currently he is a PhD student at LMU Munich LMU Munich under the supervision of Prof. Tim Liedl. Tao's current research experiences mainly focus on DNA discrete modified gold nanoparticles and their assembly behaviors. Besides scientific interests, Tao also likes basketball, reading and sometimes, writing in Chinese.

Email: tao.zhang@physik.lmu.de Google Account: grosstao@gmail.com

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