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The protocol page is intended to organize the protocol information contributed by different labs and individuals. As an example of what a community protocol might look like, see DNA Ligation.

Active Discussions

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Dynamically generated protocols pages

  • Reshma 17:22, 2 May 2007 (EDT): The steering committee is discussing moving to a dynamically generated protocols page. See Escherichia coli for an example. Thus rather than explicitly adding protocols to this page, people would simply tag their own protocols with the relevant categories. Please comment on this proposal here.

Archived Discussions

  • Protocols/Template - a template for posting a protocol on OpenWetWare
  • Example protocol - what is the best example of a protocol that we can point users to? What could make it better?
  • Tags - can we effectively use tags to organize protocols?
  • Appearance - suggestions for improvements to the appearance of the page.
  • In Silico - should we include in silico protocols?


  • RS 18:46, 3 May 2006 (EDT): I've added additional links under general resources. However, I am not sure if these resources are generally available or if MIT happens to have an institutional subscription. Remove links that require subscriptions ... they can be listed under Web resources or elsewhere. (Will try and check on this later.).

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