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I changed back to the old format for individuals since with each person's name listed it was too long a list for the main page I think. Please chime in if you think this is wrong. In general, I think the policy for the main page should be to let individual instances of things pile up until there are too many, and then start to group them. For instance, will likely need to move to institution links rather than lab links soon, see Main Page v2. --JK

Shared Resources

  • I'm trying to figure out what we want these pages to be. I think the Materials page is good in that it outlines recipes and info for things that most labs use. However, the Endy lab restriction enzyme list is there. Does this belong here? I think we want some easy way for people to find out if another lab has a restriction enzyme (or other material) they need in a pinch, but realistically you aren't going to go to another institution to borrow it. Same goes for (most) equipment. Also, I noticed some of the computing resources are MIT-specific. Does it make sense to separate some of these resources onto institute-specific pages to clean things up a bit?--Kathleen 16:36, 2 Dec 2005 (EST)

Lab Listings

  • The list for labs on the front page is getting a little long. I was wondering what people would think if we removed from the front page those labs that are still just developing their wiki. I think this would highlight those labs that are participitating a lot, while still giving an opportunity for labs still getting off the ground. What do people think? --Sri Kosuri 15:55, 7 Nov 2005 (EST)
  • So at what point does a lab earn the "right" to be featured on the front page, and can a lab be removed if they don't meet their "quota" of edits? How many pipet points do I need to accumulate to get my personal page linked on the front page? Maybe a better solution would be to have institutions/universities linked on the front page and links to individual lab pages on institution/university-specific pages. Potentially, "free agents" (or those not specifically associated with a particular lab) could also be included on the institution/university page. This would give some current "orphans" a home so others can find their pages and should help to clean up the front page a bit. --Kathleen 20:59, 7 Nov 2005 (EST)
    • I like that idea (institution home pages) in the long term, however I wonder if there is enough mass to create portals for each school currently. I think sharing the same space is also useful for encouraging contributing to shared resources. That said, it is a little crowded, I think we could at least require that labs have an actual wiki to be linked to from the homepage (rather than just a link to their lab website). --JK
  • I actually think the current format is great. It doesn't seem crowded at all to me and I'd rather be able to see all the labs at a glance. If someone wants to make it multiple columns to even it out a bit with the other ones, then that could increase aesthetics. The idea of linking to university pages is unnecessary at this point, although having a page for each university could still be useful. I also agree that linking to labs that don't even have a page on the wiki seems a bit silly (seems to be 2 such labs at this point). --Austin 09:16, 8 Nov 2005 (EST)

I am removing the links off the frontpage to offsite webpages. Even putting up something as simple as the Hu Lab site will be sufficient for now to have front page access. --Sri Kosuri 06:29, 26 Nov 2005 (EST)

  • The list of groups on the main page is already pretty long, and the current format is likely to get unwieldy as new labs (like ours!) are added. It also relies heavily on name recognition (i.e., "I am looking for the Silver Lab") and is not very conducive to searching for particular types of information (i.e., "I am looking for resources related to Systems Biology"). How about breaking it up into "Labs by Institution" and "Labs by Research Interest". Here is an example (Categories would link to a page listing labs and other resources that fit):

Labs by Institution


IISc, Bangalore


Texas A&M

UC Berkeley

University of Chicago

University of Delaware

UI Urbana-Champaign

UT Austin

Labs by Research Interest

Cell Biology

Synthetic Biology

Systems Biology

Protein Structure and Function

RNA Structure and Function

Biological Chemistry


Dstrick 12:39, 16 December 2005 (EST)

  • Hey Devin, this is a great idea. Check out the Main Page v2 site maybe you (and others) could start making those changes there. --Sri Kosuri 14:57, 16 December 2005 (EST)
  • I went ahead and made these changes to the v2 page. I am not sure what the right categories are for Research Interests, or who belongs in what category. I hope that people who have clearer ideas about this will make the needed changes. --Devin 12:05, 19 December 2005 (EST)
  • I think that organizing labs by research interest can get a bit sticky. I don't like labels in general, and it seems like everyone falls into a new "category" every 5 years or so. It may be best to set up a few categories (maybe just those you want to put your lab into) and let other labs put themselves into categories on their own and add new categories as they deem appropriate.--Kathleen 12:29, 19 December 2005 (EST)
  • I also don't think organizing by research category will be very easy. For me, having a direct list of labs on the front page is the most clean-cut organization (or maybe only by schools if there really get to be too many). If you want to know about labs that work on biochemistry, why not just do a search for biochemistry? This lets labs use any arbitrary keywords that they want on their pages instead of us specifying the categories that labs should fit into. The only real benefit of not just using the search button for everything (e.g. enter "Silver lab" instead of linking to it all) is for people who are browsing and are just curious. I would suggest that anyone who cares about biochemistry knows that they care about biochemistry and so can easily enter that search term in the box. People may not know all the schools or labs at those schools on OWW so cannot easily search for those and therefore they must be browsable in this format. --Austin 13:15, 19 December 2005 (EST)
  • Another suggestion is to create a single page where all labs have a 2 sentence description of themselves. Then anyone who just'd like an overview of the labs can look at this page. --Austin 13:15, 19 December 2005 (EST)
  • I like this idea, especially if we separate labs by university. It may help to bring a sense of cross-institution community to OWW once there are too many groups to be handled by a front-page listing.--Kathleen 13:30, 19 December 2005 (EST)
  • I think all these are good suggestions, and I especially agree that putting labs into categories is a sticky topic. I think the way to deal with this is to create the categories organically over time ather than by fiat at the beginning and prune and combine them as needed. (As I said, mine are only suggestions.) I would also argue that "by institution" is an even more artificial grouping than "by research" and perhaps preferable only in its concreteness. It seems to me that the strength of the wiki approach is that it allows us all to tailor our web presence such that we cluster ourselves more naturally than institutional affiliation allows. --Devin
  • I agree with Devin. One additional thing that is nice of institutional groupings though is the ability to talk about community resources (clusters, equipment, etc). --Sri Kosuri 22:14, 20 December 2005 (EST)

OWW Description

I started a discussion on the ideas page to discuss possible changes to the description at the top of the page. Please post your comments there. --Sri Kosuri 17:50, 17 Sep 2005 (EDT)

OpenWetWare Front Page

I think this page has all kinds of awesome uses. We should try and make it good enough that other labs use this as their day-to-day front page and their "lab" front page is just for the rest of the world to see what they are up to. Some ideas:

  1. help section
    • points to info for getting started on editing the wiki
  2. groups section
    • lists the various front pages of the participating groups
  3. shared technical stuff
    • protocols, equip, strains, etc.
  4. news section
    • place to post announcements, i.e. "4 new papers from Sauer lab here are the links", "we added a new group check out the BioEnergy page they want new members!", that sort of thing.

Basically if we set the standard of a shared front door (back door?) we are way more likely to get collaborations. --Jasonk 20:20, 22 Jun 2005 (EDT)


We are going to reorganize this page. This is going to become a replacement for the lab website. The overall structure is going to be place at Main Page v2. Here where ideas for the new structure of our Wiki are being discussed.


We're trying to decide whether or not to make this wiki world-writable (it is currently only world-readable). If you have any strong feelings or thoughts on this matter, please let us know.

After much discussion, we decided on the following plan. We are going to continue to make the wiki writable to registered members of the MIT community. After population of things such as the protocols section and other information, we will move towards making a sister site that will be world writable.

Thanks for your patience.