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 Hello. JHIBRG members.
 I linked the SPARS website for purchasing softwares with academic versions and prices.
 You can find many useful softwares for researches as well as regular computer works.
 The list of the softwares includes Endnote, which Jungwhan presented last session.
 What do you think about buying this software along with JHIBRG financial support?
 Prices of Endnote programs listed on SPARS
    Endnote 8 WIN License $138.75 
    Endnote 8 WIN CD      $20.00 
    Endnote 7 WIN CD      $20.00 
    Endnote 8 MAC License $138.75 
    Endnote 8 MAC CD      $20.00


Why don't you buy latest version(s) of EndNote CD and lincense (must be multiple licensing) because you need it right away. I will reimburse your payment later. You can also buy them somewhere in Medical Campus Jay Kim 17:10, 3 February 2007 (EST)