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Hi Stefan

Very nice start I must say! Looks great.

Some small pieces of advice:

  1. When uploading an image to the wiki (as the mosquito-image which you have used - always give it a descriptive name, for example Mosquitoes at Burträsk, august 2007. Then somebody else on this community may be able to find your image when searching for Mosquitos in the gallery of new files. Also, add text about the source - for example, by courtesy of Stefan Bertilsson)
  2. Take care so that you don't use too much HTML-tags on pages. It may intimidate some newcomers from editing though it looks good. On the other hand the start page should catch the visitors eye ...
  3. I like your banner with the links to Home, Contact, Internal, Lab Members, Publications, Research and Talks. To further develop the banner you could choose to group these links - for example:


Contact & Lab Members

Publications & Research & Talks