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(DNA gels)
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[[Image:S14_M2D4_TR-Grn.JPG | center |thumb|250px | T/R WB, Green group]]

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DNA gels


T/R Gel 2


Recall that lane 10 is singly digested (with EcoRV) DNA prepared by Su for a size comparison to the full-length plasmid versus plasmid with no insert.

W/F Gel 1
W/F Gel 2
W/F Gel 3
W/F Gel 2 extra run time



T/R WB, Green group


Hi folks -- I think these got flipped because they were sent from my phone. Please turn them in the usual orientation (and crop) for use in your reports.

W/F Gel, Yellow group
W/F Gel, Red group
W/F Gel, Orange group
W/F Gel, Pink group
W/F Gel, Green group
W/F Gel, Blue group
W/F Gel, White group
W/F Gel, Purple group
W/F Gel, Silver group