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Extra Live/Dead Data

20.109 10x LD-1.JPG
20.109 10x LD-2.JPG
20.109 10x LD-3.JPG
20.109 40x LD-1.JPG
20.109 40x LD-2.JPG
TR Blue Viability A.JPG

T/R Green Images

Three images each from a sample with 10 ug/mL of RGDS added vs 100 ng/mL RGDS (mouse over to note titles).

RGD-10ug Image 1.jpg
RGD-10ug Image 2.jpg
RGD-10ug Image 3.jpg
RGD-100ng Image 1.jpg
RGD-100ng Image 2.jpg
RGD-100ng Image 3.jpg