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Plan for Day 2

Group 1 should arrive by 1:05 pm at the latest and immediately go to the tissue culture room. When everyone has arrived, we will thaw your cells in the water bath. After you have finished your culture preparations (ideally by 3 pm), you can take a 10 minute break to refresh your minds, and then will take a short quiz.

Group 2 should arrive by 2:45 pm at the latest and will begin by taking the quiz. If all goes well, you will begin working in the tissue culture room at 3 pm. If your culture preparations that involve a special physical set-up, you can come earlier and work in the extra tissue culture hood.

Note that you may be asked to switch your group number based on grouping together people working with the same type of cells, asking people who need special reagents/equipment to go in the second group, etc.


Arrival time (at latest!) 1:05 pm 2:45 pm
Team colour 1 Blue
Team colour 2 Red
Team colour 3 Orange
Team colour 4 Platinum


Arrival time (at latest!) 1:05 pm 2:45 pm
Team colour 1 Pink
Team colour 2
Team colour 3
Team colour 4

Designs (T/R)

Here, please!

Designs (W/F)

Here, please!