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SDS-PAGE analysis tips

You can look up the expected molecular weight of IPC using the sequence file (from Day 1 or Day 5) and this link or a similar website. Be sure to add ~ 3 KDa for the size of the N-terminus of pRSET (His tag, etc)!

If you see two strong bands on your gel, what do you think the second one is? As a starting hint, look back at the Day 6 protocol and carefully consider what is present in the unpurified protein tubes.

What other assays might you consider in relation to SDS-PAGE in order to take a holistic view of your data?

SDS-PAGE images


T/R Gel, Red group
T/R Gel, Orange group
T/R Gel, Yellow group
T/R Gel, Green group
T/R Gel, Blue group (broke a little, sorry)
T/R Gel, Purple group
T/R Gel, Platinum group